Wet dressed Women mold

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Wet dressed Women mold

12 cm 4,7" finished candle height

We offer you a high quality handmade silicone mold of the European production (not China) , which is made of high-quality silicone with the vacuum equipment.Easy to demould, but not easy to deformate.
We put a piece of our soul in every mold!

🌈 The color of molds could be different - it will not influence on the quality of the final product.

❗️Depending on the type of mold, there may be cuts for free extraction of finished product graphics. Please understand that this is not a defect, it is a necessity. Due to the specific geometry, some dies do not need to be cut. Without these cuts, you will not be able to remove the finished product.

In order to use the mold correctly you must:

1. Place the mold on a flat horizontal surface.
2. Fix the joint with rubber band or tape.
3. Make sure all cutting joints are in place. It is important to ensure the correct locking pressure. (not too weak or too strong)
4. If the finished product has joints, it must be polished.
5. If these simple rules are not followed, good results will not be obtained when using the mold.

To unmold your product:

1.Place the mold in the refrigerator it will speed up the cooling process, help the wax set and separate from the mold. Flip the mold every 30 minutes; this will make sure the mold and wax cool evenly.
2.try very gently to get out the candle, do not pick off.
3.please don't be afraid to stretch the silicone (we use soft silicone so you can stretch it), it will not break

📦 Standard delivery time 10-25 days
We offer express delivery as well, please ask we will calculate for you individual !

If you have any questions open, please let us know, you will got a respond very quickly!